The Saints of David – Book Three


The third and final book of the Jonah Trilogy, The Saints of David, set for November 3, 2017 publication

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Humanity faces a crisis — the last of the free brained creative folk against the enslaved people of the Augment and their elite Republican Homeland overlords.

It is 2072, and falling creative information flows in the Augment system mean there is little time to reach full power status and launch the planetary cover before the incoming Oort Cloud asteroids destroy civilization. In this fast-paced, psychological thriller, Corrag and Ben, the brave, doomed lovers of The Victor’s Heritage make a run for freedom with their daughter Hera to find David’s Tower, an alternative society built on the democratic power of individual stories. At the same time, pushed by haunting dreams of a break in time, Corrag’s father Ricky sets out to find his father’s book that he believes holds the answer to the deep-seated root of evil.

These are just a few of the individuals drawn to the utopian world of the Tower, built by the man known to his followers as the Saint. David Shavelson, a former owner of a Brooklyn bookstore, is a charismatic visionary leading a community in resistance against the mental enslavement of the Augment system. The Augment leaders know they must crush the Tower or lose control of their destiny. The battle lines are drawn. Will the Augment crush David’s tower and save itself from the Incoming asteroid disaster? Who will survive this final, apocalyptic war? Will Corrag and her family ever reach salvation and peace? Will Ricky find his father’s book and save mankind from itself? Find out in the thrilling roller-coaster finale that is The Saints of David.


Serious reviewers welcome to request review copies, either Mobi or paperback versions.