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Due out November 14, 2015 from Hope Mountain Press:

The Victor’s Heritage  – Book Two of the Jonah Trilogy by Anthony Caplan

“Adventurous … daring.”

The new book from Anthony Caplan’s dystopian series. The Victor’s Heritage picks up where Savior left off, only further ahead in time and farther along in thrills.

“Corrag is a Democravian teenager, smart, funny and bold, maybe too bold. On the verge of adulthood, she is in doubt about the elite track her education and upbringing are setting her up for, especially the Augment, a brain implant given as a social compact at adulthood which allows instantaneous and constant mental access to the Cloud, the accumulated and expanding knowledge base of all of mankind. When she steps away from the annual high school Spring Fest with her boyfriend, Corrag is launched on a journey of revolutionary personal and social change which will take her through the darkness of imprisonment, exile and abandonment. Along the way, Corrag learns what it means to be an adult, a friend, a lover and a mother, and what, finally, makes a person a human being.”

The Victor’s Heritage takes place in 2045 after the age of secession has broken the United States into two countries, the socialist Democravian Federation and the libertarian Republican Homeland. The story poses questions about the benefits and costs of technology, as well as the balance between individualism and the social good.

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