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The Victor’s Heritage.




The Victor’s Heritage

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Victor’s Heritage by Anthony Caplan


Anthony Caplan launches second book of Jonah Trilogy – The Victor’s Heritage

Henniker, NH — The Victor’s Heritage, the new stand-alone, dystopian thriller from Anthony Caplan, marks the debut of female heroine Corrag Lyons as she seeks a place to raise her child and escape the ravages of an America broken in two.

Corrag is a Democravian teenager, smart, funny and bold, maybe too bold. On the verge of adulthood, she is in doubt about the elite track her education and upbringing are setting her up for, especially the Augment, a brain implant given as a social compact at adulthood which allows instantaneous and constant mental access to the Cloud, the accumulated and expanding knowledge base of all of mankind.

Corrag is launched on a journey of revolutionary personal and social change, which will take her through the darkness of imprisonment, exile and abandonment. Along the way, she will learn what it means to be an adult, a friend, a lover and a mother, and what, finally, makes a human being.

The Victor’s Heritage takes place in 2045 after the age of secession has broken the United States into two countries, the socialist Democravian Federation and the libertarian Republican Homeland. The story poses questions about the benefits and costs of technology, as well as the balance between individualism and the social good.

The second book in Caplan’s Jonah trilogy, The Victor’s Heritage, is due to be published by Hope Mountain Press in November, 2015 in both paperback and eBook editions. The book continues to explore themes introduced in Savior, Harvard Square Editions, 2014, of personal redemption and societal turmoil. In this latest book, the villains are not drug cartels intent on world domination, but corrupt elites seeking to enslave mankind under the guise of cyber-enhanced intelligence and the lure of immortality.

About the book: 
The Victor’s Heritage by Anthony Caplan 
ISBN: 978-0-9815166-5-3
Publisher: Hope Mountain Press
Date of publish: November 2015
Pages: 306
S.R.P.: $3.41 ebook; $13.99 paperback

About the author: 
A former journalist with the Associated Press and United Press International in Mexico and Central and South America, Caplan currently works as a high school teacher in New Hampshire. His previous titles include Savior, Birdman, French Pond Road and Latitudes – A Story of Coming Home.




Launch Day has arrived. SAVIOR is out on Kindle. Pick up your copy here.

Read a review from Tome Tender if you need more convincing:

“In the literary world, a gem comes along that deserves to be recognized and read. Grab your sunglasses because Savior by Anthony Caplan shines it’s brilliance up there with the rarest of rare finds! Part mystery, part adventure, part psychological thriller, part coming of age, 100% amazing, a non-offensive read for any age!

Al and his son Ricky have lived under the shroud of grief since Mary’s brutal death to cancer, growing more distant, each with their own pain. In an effort to re-kindle a connection, they take a surfing vacation to Guatemala, a place Mary loved, steeped in its ancient lore, beliefs and cultures. Through an innocent purchase of an ancient tablet that reminded Ricky of his mother, father and son are catapulted into the dark world of the Santos Muertos, a cartel bent on global purification and domination. Ricky’s tablet, the Chocomal holds the final secrets that will unleash the Santos Muertos’ diabolical plan.

When Al is taken prisoner, Ricky begins a desperate search to free his father while keeping the tablet safe. Spanning from Guatemala to Canada, his journey is one that legends are made from, his experiences are epic and his ability to improvise grows exponentially. Is there a force watching over him, keeping him safe? Will he find his father before the torture and imprisonment finally end his life?

Using flashbacks and a change of POV, we are carefully guided through this tale of love and sacrifice, determination and the classic good vs evil as Young Ricky takes on a machine far bigger than he to find the father he loves and save the world from devastation and evil dominance.

What can I say, Anthony Caplan has gone above and beyond with Savior by creating a world that is chaotic, frightening, and intriguing all at once! Ricky’s character grows with each page, as you see the love he realizes he has for his father, flawed or not. Al also realizes his mistakes as a father, that he must allow Ricky to make his own way in the world, not living vicariously through his son. Both will do all in their power to save the other, at any cost. Each satellite character is well-defined, fit perfectly into this tale and sometimes provide comedic relief which allowed me to loosen the white knuckle grip I had on my Kindle. Kudos to the talent of Anthony Caplan and his magnetic style as a story teller! If you are looking for something fresh, with dark undertones, yet still filled with love and hope, this is it!”    Dianne Bylo, Tome Tender


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